Saturday, June 4, 2011

OPI Red Shatter

Hey everyone :) I don't feel like writing too much on here tonight but I wanted to show you OPI's Red Shatter.
This is layered over 3 coats of Worth The Risque by Color Club, which is a holo silver, and one coat of Techno by China glaze, which is a chunky holo glitter.

I actually really like the Red Shatter, even more than the black. I love red nail polish on my fingers so it was interesting to have that with some silver peeking through. I totally recommend it-- you won't be disappointed!


  1. Love the red with silver, I saw some ohter combinations with the red shatter that I really did not like, it reminded me of blood some how, but this one looks really great <3

    (google is acting weird so I can't log in)

  2. Hey Huns Got a tag for you on my blog!!!

    I also have a red crackle I haven't tried with silver..hmmm!


  3. Oh yes you follow me <3 Awesome =D
    You reminded me =I had that same look on my face when I met my dream man Benjamin Burnley from Breaking Benjamin and showed him my band tattoo..yeah he was loving that. =p Got to meet him and the band twice backstage by chance (and a lot of flirting and dedication)!!Long Long story I think I have to write a post about that one AWWW. Good memories.. I wanna me Jared Leto next yummy!

  4. Oi quelida eu não curto muito craquelados, mas esta combinação ficou linda!

    Ótimo final de semana
    Beijos coloridos!

  5. The red and the silver combo is very nice:)


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