Friday, May 20, 2011

Purple, Blue, and Silver Glitter Gradient!

Hey everyone :D So I finally took off that plain-jane look and put on something really funky! I finally attempted a glitter gradient! I've always wanted to try it and I finally got the right kinds of glitter nail polish. Here's the look I came up with :-)

It is soooo dang sparkly and eye-catching in the light! I seriously can't stop looking at it! Here are the materials I used:

Base coat- Orly Top 2 Bottom
Navy blue base- Midnight Blue by Rimmel
Fuchsia glitter- Bubbly Bombshell by Orly
Pink/purple/blue glitter- Rockstar Pink by Sally Hansen
Silver/purple/blue chunky glitter- Starry Silver Glitter by NYC
Seche Vite Topcoat

I first applied my base coat and then put one coat of Midnight Blue so I wouldn't have to do so many layers of glitter. Then, I put one coat of Bubbly Bombshell completely covering the blue. On the top half of my nail (tip), I used Rockstar Pink.

Then I used two coats of Starry Silver Glitter on the very tip and aimed more of the chunky glitter on it. To make the colors blend better, I wiped the majority of the glitter off the brush and lightly dabbed over the other colors so little silver glitters came off.

To finish it off, I used 2 coats of Seche Vite :-) Here is a closeup of the look to your right. You can click on it for a larger image.

Now for some more photos!


  1. The sparklier the merrier :D

  2. this is so pretty! :) I like it! Have an awesome wknd!

  3. This is so cute! I'm so glad I have this glitter, so I can try something like this!

  4. This looks so fun and cute!! Good job on glitter gradient, I LOVE the polishes you used they all go together !!

  5. wow, you did such a good job!!


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