Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beauty UK Day To Night Eyeshadow Swatches + EOTD's

Hey there :) I finally received my my Beauty UK Day To Night Eyeshadow palette! I ordered it from eBay and it shipped from the UK! I saw a post about this palette on someone's blog and decided I needed the hot pink of it. Here's a picture of the palette.
White- shimmery shear white, best used for highlighting
Peach- shimmery peach, works really well for blending
Light green- really pretty shimmery night green
Blue- matte bright blue, not completely opaque
Light pink- matte light pink
Black- matte opaque black, good for eyeliner or a deep crease
Brown- very rich shimmery brown
Plum- beautiful shade of shimmery plum, possibly my favorite!
Violet- deep, matte violet
Hot pink- highly pigmented and matte, the reason I bought the palette

And for the swatches.... I used a liner brush to apply these.
The top row is definitely more translucent while the bottom row is more opaque. All of these colors are amazing, blend well, and last a long time! I tried a couple of looks for fun today!

Here's my daytime look! I used the peach on the lid and the plum in the crease.

And now for the fun part! I've been dying to try a nighttime smoky hot pink look! I used hot pink on the lid, plum in the crease, black to extend the crease, and peach to blend in the black and add highlight. Please ignore my eyebrows! I have no idea what happened to them =P

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  1. Your green eye are so pretty ^_^
    -Love your nighttime look !!


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