Monday, March 19, 2012

Lucky find at CVS!

My friend and I were driving in his neighborhood and I saw a CVS I've never been to. I wanted to stop by for the Milani Spring 2012 collection and check for one of the colors I wanted. They did not have the collection in stock, but I ended up getting something else I've had my eye on. I browsed through the shelves and saw that they carried OPI.

I checked in the very back row of their OPI's and there was a single OPI DS Sapphire sitting right there... just for me! I've been after it for so long and it magically appeared in front of me! I can't wait to use it. I will definitely use it for my next mani and I'll post pics. I went a little picture-crazy with the bottle but the rainbow shine was sooo addicting!


  1. Wow, well done, this is such a great, lucky find, enjoy x

  2. WOW that is an amazing, amazing find!
    I wonder if it was in the back because someone was hiding it for later. Which would be hilarious.

    1. LOL good point!! That would be hilarious! Oh well... snooze, you lose! :P


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