Friday, August 26, 2011

Work-appropriate nude look

Hello readers :) I apologize for not posting as much. I've been going through a lot of changes with my normal routine and it's throwing me off from what I'm usually doing =P A couple weeks ago, I got a job interview for a position in parking patrol and ended up getting hired right on the spot and there was only one spot!

Anyways, so I wouldn't scare the guy off with my black and red nails, I did something out of my comfort zone and did something very neutral. The picture below is 3 coats of Knotty by China Glaze, which is a really nice nude with cream shimmer, with one coat of Northern Lights which is a holographic glitter topcoat. As much as I dislike nude manicures, I ended up wearing it for about a week. It shined really nicely in the sun :)



  1. Love this shade, and yes you are right, great for the office and good autumn colour x

  2. Very nice nude shade!


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