Thursday, April 21, 2011

Goodies about to come in the mail :)

Hey all! I thought I felt like updating this morning but I didn't really have anything to SHOW you guys... Anyways, last night I did a little online shopping and bought 3 more items to add to my nail polish stash. I ordered konad plates M78, M79, and I also ordered Nubar's Reclaim, which is a really amazing green holo! That would officially be my first holographic nail polish so I can't wait!

I've been really absessed with some holo's lately. Pretty much every day, I try and find deals on China Glaze's OMG collection, China Glaze's Sexagon. Gosh's Holographic, and OPI's Standing Room Only. All of those colors are absolutely amazing and I envy anyone who owns any of those =P

Anyways, here are some pics of the things I ordered :)

Konad M78

Konad M79

Reclaim by Nubar (I borrowed this from


  1. That nubar looks beautiful! I have that first stamp, just not in konad. I have it in the mash version and I love it. The middle one has such a cute cloud stamp!

  2. Oh very nice! I've seen a lot of people use that stamp and it looks great! I'm REALLY excited for the Nubar! I have a few greens but they're either glittery or creamy! It's about time I get a holo green!


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