Tuesday, April 12, 2011

CG Bare If You Dare swatch & mani

Hello, all! I was eyeing this polish by China Glaze called Bare If You Dare for a while and finally got my hands on it through Amazon! I don't have any peachy colors and when I saw it on someone else, I knew I had to have it.

It's such a nice color. It reminds me of peach sherbert or sorbet and has a subtle gold shimmer in the light. The application was a bit streaky but ended up going on nicely with 3 coats. I also have a layer of Seche Vite on top.
Indoors, indirect sunlight 

This is such a nice color! It's perfect for spring and summer and I see myself wearing this out a lot. Definitely a must have if you don't own a color like this already!

I wanted to Konad it it up so I thought it would be fun to do a fishnet tip with some flowers :) For some reason I haven't used the fishnet design yet so I guess it's about time! The sun was setting so this is not the best picture! I'll probably take a new one tomorrow and repost!

I added Essie's Matte About You on top of it! I love how it came out!


  1. Such a pretty color! I have never heard of this one before :)

  2. I agree! I didn't know about it either until I saw someone do a swatch of it!


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