Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Puppies and nail polish stash :D

I don't think I have made a post that showed my dogs yet so I thought I would introduce them to everyone!

This is Nala, the love of my life =D She is a german shepherd rhodesian ridgeback mix and is 4 years old!

A couple days ago, she started making noises like she was in pain. She either sprained or twisted her ankle the other day so we took her to the vet and they treated her. They gave her 2 shots and some medication so she came home all loopy and drowsy. This is her picture when she was drugged out lol. She is doing much better now =P
Anyways, I decided to clear out one of my drawers and fill it up with my nail polish stash. There's some China Glaze, OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, Rimmel, Nubar, Nfu Oh, and many other brands! I have no idea how many are actually there... but whatever haha!

That puppy on the right is Daisy! She's a little over a year old and is a rhodesian ridgeback lab mix. She's the funniest dog ever and does the most awkward things sometimes.She's very vocal and makes a lot of creepy noises lol. I love her very much :D Here's my favorite picture of Daisy!


  1. Your dogs are sooo cute!!! I want to hug them.

  2. Lol thank you! They're sweethearts :)

  3. Your dogs are adorable! Nice stash!

  4. I remember thinking how ridiculous this idea was because as I look at my dog’s nails, they’re just black. I mean, what are the nail polish going to do with dark-toned nails? However, after I tried one that the grooming salon owner recommended, I can’t get enough of it because they do work! We must be really careful though, because there is a dog-specific lineup for nail polish:

  5. looking for a Rhodesian/Shepherd type mix puppy, 6-8 weeks old.


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