Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nubar Reclaim swatch + mani!

I finally got to trying out my new Reclaim by Nubar polish! This is officially my first non-glitter holographic nail polish and I am in LOVE!!! This green is soooo pretty. It doesn't look like much when you're indoors but wow, does this baby sparkle in the sun!
Here's a closeup of the holo effect.
To make it a little more interesting and springtimey, I used my new Konad plate M78 and added some butterflies =)


  1. The colours look amazing and the butterflies really top off the look! Great to hear there were no issues applying it! x x

  2. Lovely polish <3 I sure most wear it some day. Also great with the Konad butterflies.

  3. Ah I love Reclaim! It's been on my wishlist forever, it looks great on you :)

  4. Gorgeous polish, I love this one too. I bought it a while back and have only used it once, I must dig it out again xx


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